To Our Partners and Future Partners

Hello everyone, current and future business partners.

Yuko Fraser and I, Ayodeji Fraser, together make up the Sheepdog Global Project.
We started the Sheepdog Global Project, based on our living and work experiences, mainly in the United Kingdom (London) and South Africa (Cape Town) and Japan where our business is currently based.

In London and in Cape Town, there are very accomplished colleges that offer English as a course of study and also offer the opportunity to study other courses whilst exploring their environment. In Japan, increasingly, many people of varying ages want to learn English and want to do so in a different and stimulating environment from what they have been use to.

The business of Sheepdog Global is 2 fold:

Firstly, we provide the opportunity for Japanese people to travel to Cape Town and London to study English through the partnerships we have formed in both cities.
Whilst in Cape Town and London studying, students are able to explore their surroundings and another way of life through various trips that are specially arranged and set up for them. This way we are able to mix studies with pleasure trips to enjoy these famed cities.To this end, we are currently affiliated with colleges in Cape Town and London that are fully accredited, and provide strong English courses as well as many other courses, so as to provide a choice for students who want to study another subject other than English.

Secondly, in our travels in Africa especially Cape Town, we have made strong contacts with quality African manufacturers. We have access to quality African products ranging from baby products, handbags, arts and crafts featuring handmade beadwork, and soft products for children and adults alike which are in demand in the Japanese market. We are always interested in adding to the range of products that we currently have access to, as we move forward.

From the 1st of April to the 3rd of April, we will be attending and will be part of the Yokohama African Festival at the Yokohama Akarenga Warehouse (link), where we will be promoting our two fold business Sheepdog Global Project.We will keep you updated on the approach to the festival.Any input will be appreciated.

Yuko and I are ambitious, competitive and passionate about what we do and we strive to provide value to students and clients alike. We are very much interested in developing relationships with other colleges and manufacturers who would like their products or colleges to be exposed to the Japanese market.